Our Story


The Idea.

From The Heart. We began in 2017 with a vision to step outside of the box of what the Bahamians have seen before. We started out as a pool party giving local influentials a space to enjoy an authentic party. 

We wanted to focus on offering certain elements from games, water sports, and party rides to lighting, fog and more to give you the perfect ambiance of fun.

Start Up

It’s in the name. The whole idea of Hide is not knowing where the party is going to be.

So in order to make that happen we send you the invite and on the day we send you the pick up location where you will be bussed to the secret location. Once you get there you don’t have to worry about parking or concerns of car being towed. And you are also given shuttling times back to your vehicles.

Our Mission

Proven Concept.
Our goal is to ensure every year we enhance ourselves and have a next level experience for our patrons.

The Lit Kit

Thank You To

Our Sponsors

Address: (Secret Location) Nassau, Bahamas Email: info@hidebahamas.com



  • You must be over 18 years of age
  • All persons and bags will be searched upon entry and are subject to periodic searches.
  • NO oversized Purses or Bags (Nothing over 10×10)
  • Any prohibited items confiscated during search will not be returned.
  • No Bad Attitude will be tolerated.
  • Improper behavior or vulgar remarks are prohibited.
  • No crowd surfing, dunking, moshing, or stage diving allowed.
  • NO illegal substances.
  • NO drugs or drug paraphernalia.
  • NO weapons or items that could be used as weapons i.e. combs, picks etc.
  • NO compressed Gas or Aerosol Canisters.
  • NO laser pointers, flashlights, or noise-making devices.
  • NO markers, pens or spray paint.
  • NO outside food or beverages.
  • No professional audio, video, or camera equipment (This includes all cameras with Detachable Lenses)
  • No type of footwear will be allowed in the pool.
  • No throwing of objects in the pool.
  • No glass containers or bottles are allowed in or around the pool.
  • Guests are to use extreme caution and care in and around the pool.
  • No smoking in the pool.
  • Strobe Lights will be in use.
  • Use pool responsibly. (Lifeguards on duty)
  • By accepting the invite you agree to these rules.


By applying to attend this event and/or attending this event you recognize that by participating in this activity, as with any activity involving water, music, crowds, games, alcoholic beverages and/or fireworks, you are at risk of personal injury or permanent loss.

You hereby attest and verify that you have been advised of the potential risks, that you have full knowledge of the risks involved in this activity, and that you assume any expenses that may be incurred in the event of an accident, illness, or other incapacity, regardless of whether you have authorized such expenses.

By applying to attend this event and/or by attending this event you further agree to release and forever discharge Hide Events, its owner(s), agents, officers, employees and volunteers from any claim that you might have with regard to any damages, demands or actions whatsoever, including those based on negligence, in any manner arising out of this event.

By applying to attend this event and/or by attending this event you have agree that you have read all rules and this entire waiver, you fully understand it, and agree to be legally bound by its terms.